About Keno: How to Play, Tips and Tricks

About Keno: How to Play, Tips and Tricks, Recently, lottery-like gambling online games gain lot of popularity, one of them is Keno. Although, it is a traditional and one of the oldest casino games, but it still played in the modern casino games. If you are looking for a fun and exciting game of Keno, you can try it through online game.

About Keno

Actually, the real gambling game of Keno was originated from hundred years ago in China. This China lottery game then started to gain popularity in Europe when the rules and characters are changed into English. The real game contains with a form of bingo and lottery then the ideas was adapted into online game of Keno. In the game, you will find a board of numbers from 1 to 80. Those numbers will determine the draw result.

About Keno: How to Play, Tips and Tricks

Game Rules

In the standard game of Keno, players can put their bets anywhere between 1 to 10 numbers (different payouts with different bets) from the 80 numbers on the scoreboard. Other casinos also allow select up to 20 numbers which, of course, offer you a larger prize or potential payouts but with more numbers to catch. Since the computer has no memory, so you don’t gain any benefits or drawbacks for picking up the same numbers over and over again. Usually, the odd for hitting all 20 numbers in Keno is 1:3:5 with the odd for hitting all 10 numbers being lower.

How to Play

For beginners, learning how to play Keno is very easy and straightforward. You can simply follow these steps below:

  1. Once you login into the game board of Keno, you will find numbers 1 to 80 which imprinted on the scoreboard. You need to choose the numbers from min. 10 to 20 numbers. Or the machine will automatically help you to pick 10 numbers randomly by simply clicking on the “quick pick” under the board.
  2. After finish picking your desired numbers, you can check your potential hits of chosen numbers and how much payouts you can get on the left scoreboard. Then, click on the “start” button to start your game.
  3. You can see the number being drawn randomly on the display. If you can match them more, it means you can get more round hits to gain. The numbers crossed means you miss it, while the numbers highlighted means you hit them. You can check how many numbers hit on the right scoreboard.
  4. The round hits will be calculated to give you the credit won and then will be added into your credit account.

Tips and Tricks to Win

  1. You should better pick more than one spot when choosing numbers. It’ll influence the odds of your winning according to the number of spots you select. Picking one spot will offer you the worst odds, so you need to at least pick two or more during the game.
  2. Don’t play in rush. You can’t gain a big sum of dollar at once. It’s important for you to study to read the odds of each winning sets of spots. Although you are playing 10 spot game, but the best odds only lie in the 3 spot. These spot will give you the best set of odds. The game will change its odds from time to time, so you need to inspect the spot carefully to pick your numbers later.

We can say that you can’t win if you don’t play, but you can’t also win if you don’t know how to play. So, before start putting your bets, you should learn how to play, tips and trick to win the lottery game of Keno.

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