Sic Bo Game Review


When people think about casino, they will imagine about the casino building which can be found in Las Vegas or Monaco. Nevertheless, casino nowadays can be found all around the world. It seems like casino can be found in every continent. Not only in America or Europe, casino can also be found in Asia. One thing for sure, betting and gambling activity is surely loved by people all around the world. People maybe are too familiar with the casino game and if not here are some Sic Bo Game Review. In fact, people can also find the casino game which is based on local betting or gambling game.

Sic Bo Game Review

Sic Bo game becomes the representation of the game which is based on local betting and gaming game. One thing for sure, people can find that this is the Asian game which comes with high popularity whether in the land casino or online casino. Of course, people will be able to play this game online. When playing the game online, they will find the convenient screen layout. They can find the dice in the right corner of the top screen area. The central area of the screen is filled with the betting area which is pretty large.

Pros and Cons

Some aspects can be considered as the good part of Sic Bo game but some aspects can also be considered as the bad part of Sic Bo game. Although it is said that Sic Bo becomes one of the popular Asian game in both online and land casino, many people are still pretty strange about this game. They want to try the excitement as well as enjoyment when playing the game but they do not think that they have good enough understanding about the rule. Fortunately, the Sic Bo game is completed with the help section which is comprehensive. It means that people will be able to access information about the game easily anyone they have problem or question when playing the game. People will love the betting area which is not only large but also clear. The game also comes with statistics which are comprehensive. The overall game is pretty great but still people can find the parts which is not good. For example, people will not be able to find the control for game speed. There is no Auto play feature as well in this game.

Game Play

Sic Bo is kind of game which will be played with the dice. There are three dices which are used for playing the game. When betting, people can bet on the total number which can be found from all of the three dice. They can also bet on the combination of the dice numbers. In the central betting area layer, people can find the bets with number 4-17. It refers to the total numbers which can be found from the three dice. There can be a time when the three dice comes with the same number. In this circumstance, Triples bet will win the game. Plus and minus button will be used for choosing the denomination of chip. The right betting area should be clicked if people want to place the wager. The wager which can be placed by player is unlimited. The amount of the bet can be found in the cell of BET. ROLL can be clicked when people want to activate the three dice once they place the wager. In the cell of WIN, players are able to know about the amount of the won. It will be credited to the balance of the players automatically. CLEAR button can be used for placing different bet and REPEAT button can be used for revert to their last bet.


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