Strategy in Aladdin Hand of Midas 25 lines slot game

Inspired by the Middle Eastern Literature entitled “One Thousand and One Nights” and the Greek “The Hands of Midas”, Aladdin is once again brought to life by the software provider, Amaya where in a form a game of slots. Make way for adventure, to travel in a desert as you play the game, to find buried treasures while players are earning bonus and unlocking features as they wage their bets reliving the classic tale of Aladdin Hand of Midas. With this Strategy in Aladdin Hand of Midas 25 lines slot game you can win huge earnings.

The setting of the game features a dry wasted desert but behold the hidden treasures of golds and gem as players who are adventurers make their way to find those, as players unlocks and activates bonuses in the game. The game itself has a classic feel of treasure hunt. It is advisable to read slot game tricks.

Strategy in Aladdin Hand of Midas 25 lines slot game

It features a 5 reel 25 payline slots. Symbols are quite unique as you play the game. Also there is Wild symbol to help you achieve bonus feature at the game and the auto play if players feel an automated hunt for treasures. Of course “Scatter” symbol will be always present there to help players have more chances of winning slot game bonuses.

The game is played on levels. Level 1 has 4 free spins and twice the times to win Wild. In order to go level 2, collect more Midas Hands where you can win 5 Free Spins and 5 times “Wild “wins. Going higher levels would it mean more chances to win a Wild and accumulate Free Spins.

Its all little bit story derivation of the game, Aladdin and Midas – Seems they Aladdin and Midas which appears in other form of stories. Symbols mentioned earlier includes the “Wild” Aladdin, “Scatter” in the form of Gold Hand (Midas), Monkey which it would be Aladdin’s sidekick. The Genie himself, the Camel, The symbols A, K, B, Q and J as well as the Number 10. The Parrot and some Bald guy symbol is also there which they have part of winning of you are able form a pattern with them.

Tips and Strategies

Since its a slot game, there’s no ultimate winning formula to beat the game. And we can never tell if its hot or cold. There are some pitfalls but it is very important learn while you play the game. And most of all the thing is to enjoy the game while playing it.

First and foremost, managing your bankroll or managing your money is the most important part of playing the game well not only playing slots but other forms of casino either real or virtual. A certain amount of money whether minimum wage or maximum is involved to consume quickly. A method will be is to divide your slot bankroll for the day into smaller session bankrolls, if, for instance you’re taken a hundred on a two hour and half session, a lot certain percentage of it for sample 20 for each half hour.

Play the game. If it seems you’re not getting that much, you should stop for a while or call it a day. Remember the slots are Random Number Generated, and a player has no control of it so does the provider. Better odds may come as you play the game. Sometimes you win and sometimes you won’t.

Symbols you should remember

Pay attention on the symbols and develop a pattern. With this when players or you bet on higher amount when you are winning and switch to lesser amount when you are losing. In that way will extend your playing time and stretch your bankroll out more, well giving you more chances of winning big earning in e-games. For example, the symbol of Midas Hands if you accumulate a pattern of three or more triggers a treasure features. A treasure feature re-triggers 5 additional free spins.

In the end it’s up you to decide, depending upon luck and probability, odds are always there. but generating strategies can make some differences on the final outcome.

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