What is The History of Baccarat? Find Out Here!


What is The History of Baccarat? Find Out Here! Baccarat is one of the oldest games in the world. The history behind this game is long and interesting to know about. Its root can be traced back to hundreds and hundreds years ago. Baccarat dated back to 1490 AD, where it is first created. Most people doesn’t know that the word “baccarat” itself means zero and that its name came from Italian. This game has been told in a lot of amusing anecdotes, two of which are very interesting. The first anecdote features an Italian man as the gambler and the protagonist, while the second one was mostly based on a mythology. This article will discuss about the history of baccarat and how it came to be the game we knew and love today. If this is what you’ve been looking for, then settle down and enjoy the article!

What is The History of Baccarat? Find Out Here!

The story based on Mythology tells the tale about how there used to be an ancient Etruscan ritual where nine Gods wanted to reveal the fate of an ashen-blond vestal. They were waiting anxiously for her destiny to be revealed, and for this purpose, the Gods agreed to roll a die with nine sides to determine her fate. The blonde virgin would only have three fates possible for her. If the die landed on number 8 or number 9, she would be destined as a priestess. If the die landed on 6 or 7, the virgin would become an outcast. If the number it landed is less than that, then she would have to perish in the sea as those numbers are bad luck. However, there are some dispute regarding the game’s origin. Another source mentioned that the game was made in Italy, but according to another anecdote, the game was made in France. Nonetheless, most people believe that the game was based on Felix Falguirerein, an Italian gambler. He used a deck consisted of Tarot cards to predict someone’s fate, and later on, this game would be adapted as a casino game using die.

Just How Far Baccarat Has Gone?

Back in the past days, only people with royal blood or at least have ties with royalties are allowed to play Baccarat. This game was pretty exclusive to noblemen and baronial families and they were often played in secrecy/privacy. The game was banned for public consumption at that time. France made it legal at that time, but the winning cash obtained from the game will be taxed to develop poorer areas in the country. Later on, Napoleon Bonaparte banned the game during his reign, but it was allowed again after his government ended. It became a game played in casinos. Over the course of years, baccarat has grown in terms of popularity, and it inspired many places outside of Europe to adapt the game. According to history, Baccarat was first played outside of Europe in South America. In 1950s, Tommy Renzoni combined both French and European styles of baccarat, inventing a new one in its stead. This new version was regarded to be the more refined version of the previous versions combined. Many casinos adapted this one later on and it only grew more and more popular from that point on.

With the advancement of technology, it becomes possible to play Baccarat on the internet as well, not just in brick-and-mortar casinos. There thousands of people who came to enjoy this game on personal computers as much as they would be in casinos. Baccarat has come a long way in terms of rules, styles, and reputations. It is now one of the most loved casino games as its rules are very easy and the game was very dependent on luck, making them absolutely thrilling.

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